What We'll Be Working On This Year in Reading...

The reading program that we follow in our classroom consists of five components:  Elements of Literature textbook, guided reading lessons, novels, independent reading at both school and home, and novels read aloud by the teacher.  This program is based on the Iowa Common Core Reading Standards.

Unit 1

Maniac Magee

By Jerry Spinelli

Unit 2

Tuck Everlasting

By Natalie Babbitt

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

By Avi

Grammar Videos

Battle of the Books

Students also will complete a Battle of the Books activity to help enhance and make more enjoyable their at home reading.  Students work in groups of four or five and are responsible for reading a minimum of nine books per students from a list of thirty six books.  Students may read more than the original nine in order to be able to better help their team during the competition.  After reading a book, students should fill out a story map and complete between two and four questions to go along with the book.  The competition will take place in may between teams from all four sixth grade classes.




In class, we have approximately 20 minutes set aside each day for silent, independent reading.  The students call this DEAR time, with DEAR standing for Drop Everything And Read.  It is important that each student is reading at home for a minimum of thirty minutes each night. 


Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues

Legendary folksinger Woody Guthrie helped stand up for struggling farmers during the Dust Bowl.  He used his guitar and his voice to write about the dust storms that drove thousands from their homes.  In his first commercial release, Dust Bowl Ballads, Woody's songs tell stories of life in the Great Plains during times of drought and economic hardship.  Visit the above site to read the lyrics of his songs.  Then work with your group to create your own Dust Bowl ballad to perform for the class.