What We'll Be Working On This Year in Social Studies...

The social studies program that we use in Pleasant Valley is called History Alive by Teachers' Curriculum Institute.  Sixth grade social studies focuses on world history.  We will start off the year studying early people and their life ways.  As the year progresses we will be covering such topics as Ancient Egypt, Medieval Times, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, The Holocaust, and many other interesting topics.  The links below provide an overview of the various lessons that we will be covering and access to web sites that correlate with each chapter (see below for more details).  

Social Studies Topics

Early Humans


Chapter 2
Key Capabilities of Early Hominids 
Video on Homo Habilis Log in using AEA login.

Chapter 3
Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers
Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers Slideshow

Ancient Mesopotamia  

Ancient Mesopotamia Freedom Flix

Chapters 4

Chapter Four Cornell Notes Organizer

Ancient Mesopotamia Videos

Chapter 5

Mesopotamia- Cuneiform

Mesopotamia: The development of written language (Shown in Class)

Chapter 6

Hammurabi's Code Explained (Shown in Class)

Hammurabi Video Reading Lesson

Hammurabi's Code of Law

Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt Research

Ancient Egypt Freedom Flix

Ancient India Ancient India Freedom Flix
Ancient China Ancient China Freedom Flix
Ancient Greece


 Ancient Greece Freedom Flix
Ancient Rome


 Ancient Rome Freedom Flix






Region Countries Quiz Interactive Online Map Downloadable Practice Map
Middle East   Middle East
Middle East Practice Map
Middle East Countries List

Middle East Map Instructions
Middle East Fill In Front
Middle East Fill In Back
Europe #1   Europe Europe Practice Map
Countries List
Europe #1 Instructions
Europe #2   Europe Europe Practice Map
Europe #2 Instructions
Europe #2 Fill In
Africa   Africa Practice Map
South America   South America Countries List
Asia   Asia Practice Map
Countries List
Asia Instructions
North America   Central America Countries List
North America Instructions