What We'll Be Working On This Year in Writing...

Writing is taught using the framework of Six Traits Writing.  Students complete four collected writing pieces throughout the year.  These include compare/contrast, persuasive, science procedure, and poetry.  In addition to the four collected pieces, students will have an opportunity to write on assignments in reading, social studies, math, and other subjects, journals, and endless other times throughout the year.

The Milwaukee Public Schools website has a great page with information on Six Trait writing.  I've placed a brief synopsis of what six trait writing is below, however the official site of the six trait writing approach is also a great resource for further information.


The 6-trait writing model is a way to assess and teach writing. This model focuses on the six characteristics (traits) seen in high-quality written works.

The six traits include:

 Ideas: The content, or main theme. Can be looked at as the heart of the message.

 Organization: The internal structure of the writing.

 Voice: The personal voice of author comes through. This gives a sense of a real person speaking.

 Word Choice: The use of precise, colorful and rich words to communicate.

 Sentence Fluency: The writing flows together often with a rhythm or cadence.

 Conventions: Mechanical correctness, including spelling and grammar.

The rubric that we use in Pleasant Valley can be accessed here.  It is one of the best ways for a student to insure that they are doing what they need to do in order to receive a top score. 

Writing Format Expectations

Unsure how you should format your written or word-processed (typed) document?  Please follow the guidelines on the link below.  These are the same guidelines that you will be expected to follow in junior high.

Writing Guidelines